Chapman’s Espresso


  • Roast Level – Dark / Full City +
  • Origin – Brazil Santos
  • Acidity – Low
  • Bitterness – Medium – High
  • Characteristics – This coffee is smooth with low acidity.

Chapman’s Espresso could be used as a regular brewed coffee bean for those who like dark roast coffee or to be used as a great espresso bean at home!

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Fresh and custom roasted Brazilian Santos coffee beans to a just below standard espresso roast level. Standard espresso roasts are a French Roast (very dark) but ours is closer to a Dark Roast Coffee In partnership with Jennings Java Coffee Roasters, this is our coffee used in all espresso made drinks.

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Weight1.1 lbs

Whole Bean, Regular Drip Grind, French Press, Espresso


1/2 LB. (8oz), 1 LB. (16oz), 12oz. (340g)


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