Welcome to Chapman’s Coffee blog. We’re here to celebrate all coffee lovers – the beginners, the experienced, the casuals, the “Third Wave Pretentious” and everything in-between. We don’t care how you drink your coffee to be honest – It’s your coffee!! Just as long as you’re drinking it and learning more about it!

Do you have a $500 home setup and grind your own beans through an LE __ burr grinder and then use your Hario V60 pour over with a lunar scale and thermometer controlled kettle? That’s Awesome. Do you stop at your local coffee shop every morning and grab a mocha? That’s Awesome. Do you eyeball some Folgers ground coffee and throw it in your 10 year old Mr. Coffee drip maker that hasn’t been cleaned for a year? That’s Awesome (although maybe we can upgrade you a little bit). Maybe you just pop a k-cup into your single serve machine every morning before work. That’s Awesome. Do you go to Starbucks every morning? That’s ok too – I can’t say it’s Awesome though.

Point being – we just want everyone to enjoy their coffee the way they want to drink it! And, we want this to be a resource available to all types of coffee drinkers to learn more about their coffee and to get the most out of their daily ritual.

Never heard of a french press, aeropress, or pour over? That’s what we’re here for. Don’t know what a latte is? That’s what we’re here for. Not sure what the heck you should be ordering at your local coffee shop because you always just get a black, drip coffee? That’s what we’re here for.